Weddings & Honeymoon Ceremonies arrangement in Sri Lanka


Exotic Weddings & Honeymoon Trips can be arranged via our close partners In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Express

Vist Our co-partner:

is a well experienced & highly reputed travel company who specialised in providing holiday packages
in Sri Lanka, Maldives and other South East Asian countries.

       They are working very closely with us making  arrangement for customers travelling from the  UK to special events such as Weddings and Honeymoons held in Sri Lanka

Further details please contact us we will provide the full programme to suit your

For Weddings & Honeymoon events we can arrange
the most popular UK trained Beauticians


Our close associate Makeup Artist & Beautician DIL SAPUKOTANAGE is
specialised in Bridal Dressings,
Fashion Shoots, Hair Dressings, Facials, Waxing and many more in
the fashion industry.

UK trained one of the best professionals in Sri Lanka is
working together
with us undertaking dressing the brides & bridesmaids.

Weddings & Honeymoon events. If you want to know more please
visit her website:

We can arrange all the above services for you Please just call us we will guarantee you the best price !!!!!!